Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Training – Something Brand New!


Beginning in late May 2014 I was invited to be part of the development team for the new Second Amendment Foundation Training Division. Our goal was to develop a set of coursework for the new and inexperienced shooter. It’s “come from” is the focus on the defensive use of a handgun, shotgun and carbine. Other courses will also be in the mix but our foundation is the defensive use of these three platforms to defend yourself, your family or someone in your charge.

The rollout of SAFTD was at Shot Show in January with our first round of coursework to be held the last weekend in March with Defensive Handgun 1. Additional courses will be rolled out through the summer/fall to include Defensive Handgun 2, Defensive Shotgun 1 and Defensive Shotgun 2 as well as Defensive Carbine 1 and Defensive Carbine 2. 2016 will see additional coursework as well filling out our entire suite of courses.

This is a national rollout with regional Master Trainers being responsible for different areas of the country. Who they are can be found here and a national map of their locations can be found here.

SAFTD is also looking for a core of instructors to help roll out these courses. That said, we are looking for serious, experienced instructors. Our requirements for those interested can be found here. If you can meet the requirements and are interested in getting in on the ground floor – contact the Regional Master Trainer nearest you.

So how is the SAFTD coursework different from all the others out there? In a couple ways. The news has been filled with articles about the millions of folks purchasing a firearm as a defensive weapon for the very first time. For me, personally, this is where I like to spend my time – working with new and inexperienced shooters. These folks are not interested in target shooting, trap shooting or hunting – they are looking to defend themselves, their families or someone in their charge. While there are a host of training companies and organizations out there, there simply is not one that is focused – from the very first day of class – on training brand new shooters in the defensive use of their firearm from the get-go. That is our intent and our target market. From the very first hour of class – and throughout all following coursework – our intention is to focus on your personal defense.

This also means much more range time, earlier, than some coursework that is currently offered. All of which is conducted from the defensive use of your firearm POV.

And, with a core set of curriculum that will be offered across the country we will be able to offer consistent quality training in your region.

If you’ve purchased a firearm for your personal defense, look our courses over. Simply having a defensive firearm means little if you have not trained on how to properly use it to defend yourself, your family or someone in your charge. “Wishing” you knew how to use it means nothing when faced with a determined attacker. Our coursework is starting next month in your region. Sign up! Get trained! And be ready to defend your family!

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