Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ramblings . . . . Some things have been on my mind lately . . .


I try to hold personal thoughts and “ramblings” to a minimum on this blog. I mean it to be instructional/educational, not “preachy”. And yet, every once-in-a-while I feel the need to “ramble”.

Killing Americans: I watched the parts of the painful testimony yesterday by AG Holder when he was being questioned by Texas Rep Cruz. He seemed to be unable to say – in any definitive way – that an American citizen, who was NOT posing an IMMINENT threat to the nation, could NOT BE KILLED BY A DRONE STRIKE WHILE DRINKING A CUP OF COFFEE. Really?? I understand that in times of terrorist attack – like 9/11 – Americans could certainly be killed. I understand the reasoning behind the shoot-down order given by President Bush that would have killed dozens of innocents. But I must say I do NOT understand the reluctance say that the President could NOT KILL an American that WAS NOT POSSING an imminent threat. We have gone badly off the tracks when you watch the chamber and not see the majority of house members outraged by Holder’s testimony.

Ammo: Lots of talk about the government hoarding, some admittedly by me. And, I suspect they stock piling, just because many on the left would simply find humor in running the well dry – whether there was a need for the ammunition or not. But I suspect the real culprit are gunnies just stocking up and those looking to take advantage of the shortage to purchase at retail and then gouge the crap out of folks who become “desperate”. I have no respect for this type of opportunist. My solution – “roll your own”. I’ll have some “Just the Basics” on bullet casting and reloading throughout this year.

Hardware Specs: In my real life I’m a computer jock. Been at it for 33 years now – all the way back to card decks and punch tape and “core” memory. Damn I’m getting old. Anyway, I’m installing a new server for a business and today I get a call from a pissed off administrator about how the new server I just installed doesn’t meet the specs needed for the new software. What the heck am I going to do about that?!?!?!?!? Heavy sigh. Calls, emails, research later . . . . the supplier of the new management system being installed failed to include on their specs the need for SAS drives. Their software doesn’t like SATA drives and the box needs to be “optimized” with SAS drives. Really?? And you call my customer FIRST and bitch at them rather than me?? And, surprise, surprise, they offer “optimized” servers themselves if that would help things along. I’m getting’ too old for this crap.

Education System: Our local school district now has a 20% drop out rate. TWENTY F’ING PERCENT?!?!?!?!? And, once again the state legislature “has to do something” and is “working on new legislation” to “fix” the problem. It can’t be fixed. The system is the problem with the system. Home schooling, charter schools, closely controlled religious schools are the answer. I vote we defund public education, allow all those tax dollars to return to the local tax payer so they can get a handle on the education system’s collapse. Not going to happen – I know . . . .

Organizations: 80% of the work will be done by 20% of the members – regardless of the organization – from churches to scouting. Get over it. Jump in and play, quit or shut up!

Kids: I love my kids. They give me hope for the future. Both have chosen well with their life-mates. They make strong couples. I love them all from the bottom of my heart.

Training: I admit the past few weeks the cold has kept me off the range. For all my promotion of training in cold weather – a foot+ of snow and temps in the single digits has seen me giving way to the comforts of dry fire in my office. Don’t feel particularly good about that., yet there it is. I’m really looking forward to cracking the freezing mark . . . .

Wives: What on earth would I do without the lovely Ms. B.??? Hunny, in case I have not told you enough lately, love you very much – thanks for putting up with yours truly. I know it can be a bitch. I love ya for it.

Well, enough whining. I think this took the edge off a bit – but then again the day is still relatively young.

Thanks to all who read my “Ramblings” and the blog. In case I have not told you folks enough, I appreciate it and I appreciate your comments as well.

Time to get back to work . . . .


  1. You're welcome to "ramble" like this any time, sir.

  2. Agreed with Rev! Yer blog, yer rambles, and if we didn't enjoy it we wouldn't be here reading it!

    Understand about the IT thing. Blah.

  3. Yep, blog what you want, hell "I" do... :-) And agree on the organizations... sigh