Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ramblings - Worth Passing Along


So now . . . . after the demands for a new AWB . . . . Obama's pathetic plea while surrounded by children . . . . after New York guts their citizens 2nd amendment rights because of the Sandy Hook travesty at the hands of a shooter with an "Assault Rifle" . . . . we find out the journalists lied . . . . there was NO AR-15 USED IN THE CRIME! I suppose as long as the "agenda" is advanced . . . . no harm - no foul . . . . . ??


  1. The initial aerial footage showed the police removing the rifle from the trunk of the shooter's car. I did wonder how he managed to stow it so neatly, after shooting himself & getting all corpsified.

  2. Something to keep in mind as we chat with our Congressmen - have you even seen the damn AAR or the autopsies or the evidence list . . . . before you trash the 2nd amendment?? Just sayin . . .


  3. According to this:

    That's a shotgun in the trunk, and the AR was used.

    1. Hey JD. Yep, I hear ya. And still, interviews with officers on the scene by NBC would indicate otherwise. Firmly wrapping my head in tinfoil . . . . I gotta ask - with so many decisions being made based on the "knowledge" that an AR was used, it would be a simple thing to show a crime scene photo of the weapon in the building and spend casings on the floor. They surely have a round/magazine count by know and the serial number of the weapon.

      Why not release that information to clear up any confusion?? The local police department are saying final reports are months away . . . I can understand why. But a preliminary report on the exact weapon, round count and serial number should be a simple task. Unless some other agenda is at work here . . .

      And this is what happens when a government looses the trust and faith of its citizens.

  4. Who knows, there could be a couple different reasons, personally I'm glad no one's going up to the podium holding up a Bushy and saying "this is the gun that killed the kids"

    Maybe just due to the circumstances they are wanting all the I's and T's dotted and crossed before releasing the info.

    Maybe they are just wanting to give the families more time to mourn, the last victim or victims were laid to rest on Dec 24th, less than a month...

    Maybe they are going about this one differently regarding the media sensationalism of active killers in an attempt not to give him more "fame"

    Who knows...

    As for what was in the trunk etc, watching the video at the bottom of the page you're linking to, that sure looks like an auto-loading shotgun with the bolt on the side. I don't see an optic or a front sight base...while the video is crappy it just doesn't look like an AR to me. Watch the video from 10-15 seconds a couple of times, he's grabbing the bolt forward of the pistol grip. Looks to be a Benelli, Mossberg or Reminton etc.

  5. Here it is:

    1. That helps. Though these "professionals" still appear to have the nomenclature of the shotgun wrong. I sucked the video into a program I have and captured and enhanced one of the frames where the round is ejected - that was clearly (at least to me)a shotgun round.

      Still, why no further info on which weapons - or combination of weapons - were used? There must have been spent casing all over the facility. The police obviously know which weapons were actually fired. Why not simply say the round count from each?

      Sorry JD, that's just where I am now-a-days. I want to see the info with my own two eyes, just too many folks out there with agendas. Very little truth flying around anymore.