Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Commentary – On the eve of the 4th . . . .


wavingeagleAfter the grand critters went to bed, and before Mrs. B. returned from work last night, my daughter and I were talking a bit about today, July 4th.  She is a true history buff, HS history teacher and lived just south of Boston for about 5 years before they moved back home.  She spend hours/days/weeks steeping herself in the history of the area.  It was a good conversation . . . .

The question that really struck me though was – what kind of conversations were going on at the Green Dragon that evening 236 years ago?  They were at the eve of an action that would change their lives in a drastic fashion, that could easily end their lives and would remake the world in dramatic fashion.  What would they have said to each other?  What kind of doubts did they have?  What were their fears?

These men were surly a gift from God.  We, as a nation, were blessed by them in a very real way by them.

So, as we all enjoy our freedoms today, as we consider how many of those freedoms we have lost or are in the process of loosing – let’s take a moment to offer a prayer and give thanks for those very first patriots who were poised at the cusp of such a dramatic change – with all the fears that went along with that moment – and still went forward, determined to be free men and women!

Thank you . . . .


  1. To those who started the Freedom movement, our eternal thanks. To those who, as the years have passed, have donned the uniforms of their nation to defend or maintain those Freedoms....our eternal thanks.

  2. Yes, it seems insane that we will let these freedoms go. Not only will just be bad for us, what a waste to those who have fought and died for what we are walking away from, with little fight from many.

  3. If you're interested, I'd recommend this- Good book and a lot of info.