Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Head in the Game – Chatted with the LT today

The LT popped up on my Facebook Chat this morning. Spring fighting season has started. He had his first “dance” last week – his crew sent a few more on to their 72 virgins, took no casualties. A good day.

But then, for too many days – nothing. I’m not even his parent, just his old Assistant Scoutmaster, yet he is in my thoughts and prayers frequently.   I worry.

So, I was more than happy to see his icon appear with the green square attached. Even in his remote piece of the crap pie that is Afghanistan, he shows up on facebook – simply amazing. Did the usual male grunt bonding stuff and finally I asked if his crew was stilling kicking the ass of his dance partners.

“Smiley Face . . . just dropped 5 bombs and 4 155mm rounds today, back to business as usual around here hahaha”

We are truly in bizzaro land. “Back in the day”  correspondence from the US to the Central Highlands – 2 weeks, when things were working great. Today, about 20 seconds, question to response. Very, very strange.

I signed off then, told him to keep his head in the game and soldiers at the ready. I never say “stay safe” – safe is dead. I want him on the hunt, I want him to shoot first, I want him to drop all the munitions he can get his hands on, I want his guys hungry for the next fight. Then, I want them all to come home – life is truly too short.

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